the owner
of all things
that cling
to our hearts
the month of
mixed emotions
the scene of
so many goodbyes
with trees
and sumac reverberating
in gold
and bronze
and scarlet
and copper
our hearts
with nostalgia
as November
begins to
show its face


What Is Love?

  A willingness to cut yourself wide open, exposing your vulnerabilities, your hopes, hurts, fears and flaws. It means I am allowing you to “see me” in a way I don’t normally show myself.


The Sound Of Wounds Healing

those words
I’ve been waiting
my heart fainting
at the sound
of wounds healing
stealing my breath
like it’s the last time
I climb this mountain
I love you back
you can unpack
your sorrows
and stay with me
you’re safe with me


I see you
I got you
I draw no blood
I too am looking for love
I too am a throbbing
pulsing animal
begging for it’s freedom



I find it very hard to describe to somebody how much I truly love and care about them to the point where they can feel how I feel, and that frustrates me more then anything. Yet, disappointment is so easily expressed by anger, resentment, humiliation, embarrassment and hostility that it frustrates me even more because I know that it mainly comes down to my expectations. If somebody asked something of me, I would do my hardest to facilitate that ask, and have done so countless of times in the past. So I guess, when you lay high expectations of what type of a person you should be to others, you become disappointed at how people cannot fulfill that same level of loyalty, organization, choice, altruism as you show. Essentially – reciprocity. So in that context is it wrong to expect what you give to be given back? Or is it time we all stepped back and agreed that its better to not expect anything at all from others, because then you’re removing the feeling of disappointment entirely from the equation.

I know,  this sounds like a rant…shrugs

Autumn Feelings


it’s finally here
death’s second self appears
and I’ve been ready
for my eyes to feast
on your heavy anthocyanins
while I take delight
in your crisp
but not freezing nights
leading up to your fall
my soul aches
for something
or someone
I long for

Letter To Me

the seat
of my deepest emotions
my loss
my happiness
my love
my peace
my hope
the sight and sound
washes my skin clean
and brings my heart

I love you
it’s time
to learn new things
star you own sky
drink the shooting starts
lasso the moon
and take a bite
you’re still alive



I’m entangled in your web
trying to find
my way out
of confusion
without solutions
on how to arrive
on the other side
I’m contemplating
every bend
every turn
every word spoken
off your liquored lips
fingertips to skin
I squirm at the thought
of rubbing elbows
with the same
familiar Hitler
a nibbler of soft hearts
controlling my desires

you are the sum
of my lust
and I tremble
waiting to be
sampled by you